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Enhance Your Code Diff with MergEase

Detect Moved Code-

Track block movements with our code compare tool, boosting your ability to review refactors.

Structural Comparison-

Our diff utility goes beyond traditional line-by-line analysis, offering deeper insights into changes.

Cleaner Diff-

Highlight only the changed sections, making code diffs cleaner and more comprehensible.
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Track Code Movement Easily

Traditional diff tools mark moved code as deleted in one place and inserted in another, which can obscure the real changes made. MergEase, shines by detecting these movements and displaying both the moved blocks and any modifications within them. This feature ensures that no detail escapes the notice of the reviewer, enhancing the accuracy of code reviews.

  • Code Reorganization
  • Extracted Methods and Variables
  • Auto-Sorted Imports
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dive deeper

Smart Structural Code Comparison

Understanding code goes beyond reading lines of text; it's the syntactic structures that give the code its meaning. MergEase's advanced diff compare capability recognizes and processes these structures, offering insights other code review tools can't match.

  • Multi-Line Arguments
  • Auto-Formatter Changes
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Focus on What Matters

Cleaner, More Intuitive Diff Viewer

Traditional line-level diffs serve version control well but often fall short in terms of human readability. This can make code reviews more straining than they need to be. MergEase produces a crystal clear, comprehensible diff that highlights only what has changed, simplifying the diff merge process for developers.

  • Indentation Changes
  • Automatic Word Wrap
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the MergEase Browser Extension?

Visit the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-Ons or App Store page and follow the instructions there.

Is MergEase free?

Yes, MergEase is free to use on all open-source repositories.

Can I use MergEase on my private repos?

Sorry, not yet! 😞 For now MergEase only supports open-source repositories. We are actively working towards expanding our capabilities to include private repositories in the future. We are taking the necessary steps to build the legal background, and ensure the compliance and security for handling proprietary code. Stay tuned for updates!

What programming languages does MergEase support?

MergEase is optimized for Python and frontend code (js/html/css). However since the algorithm is designed to be language agnostic, it works well with most mainstream programming languages.

How does MergEase handle privacy and permissions?

MergEase only has read-only access to your public resources. We respect your privacy, and all your private data is hidden from us. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.