MergEase Privacy Policy

Effective from January 21, 2023

General Information

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected, used, and shared when you visit (Site) or using the MergEase Github App (App). We only collect the GitHub profile information (id, username, and avatar) of those who sign up/log in using GitHub. We currently DO NOT use any analytical software to aggregate information about our users activity. The information collected will never be sold or shared with any other organization ever. We may contact our users via email, to ask for feedback, to help them use our service better or if we are significantly changing the App.


We NOT use short or long term cookies to record the user’s current session or to track them.

Data Storage

MergEase uses AWS as a third party vendor for hardware, software, networking and storage. Users retain the right to their data. Any users who wishes to have their data removed from MergEase can request this at Data is stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public.

Data Usage

This Data Usage is strictly limited to information required to offer MergEase. It may include information such as repository name, commit id, pull request number and commit hashes. MergEase does NOT store actual repository contents. Any time repository information is required, MergEase calls GitHub APIs at the time of the request.

Source Code

MergEase does not store GitHub credentials. The user’s GitHub username and auth-token are only stored in the browser as long as the user is logged in. This token is NOT sent to our servers by your browser and NOT stored in any way on our servers. We only have read-only access to your public repositories, MergEase does not have access to user’s private source code.

About „Acting on your Behalf” GitHub’s misleading sentence during the installation process

We’re absolutely NOT acting on your behalf, we only have read-only access to your public repositories, we are using GitHub login to verify that its you who wants to use our service, that’s all. The phrase Act on your behalf is a hardcoded string on GitHub’s OAuth2 authorization screen and it’s very misleading. Sadly, it is not in our control. More info about this here: If you have further questions about this, please reach out and get in contact with us.


MergEase may update it’s privacy policy from time to time. We will notify you about significant changes of our privacy policy, via email and/or in this page.


For more information about our privacy policy, or if you have questions, please contact us by e-mail at